Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Mario is:
Ready to work for you.

- Age 69
- Lifelong resident of Eagle Lake
Terrace, town of Dover.
- Mechanic and maintenance skills.
- Co-Owner Lena Rental Properties.
- Owned & operated Mario’s Garage
& Towing Service in Kansasville for
37 years.
- Married 50 years to Helen Lena.
- Four adult children in Dover, one
child who lives in heaven.
- Seven grandchildren.
My Goals for Dover:
• Don’t waste money
• Friendlier town hall
• Slow, sensible growth
• Preserve Eagle Lake
As Chairman I Will Be:
• Honest
• Hands-On
• Hard-Working
• Available 24/7
• Respectful to All Residents
Vote April 4, 2017
Dover Town Hall
7 a.m. - 8 p.m.
Vote early at the Dover town
hall before March 31.  

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An open letter to the people of the 
Town of Dover:

Dear People of Dover, 

I am running for town chairman to stop the waste of your hard - earned tax dollars. For too long now, too much of your money has been used to pay lawyers and engineers that we shouldn’t and don’t need. 

Why aren’t your roads getting taken care of the way they should be? Why has plowing been a losing battle with trucks breaking down? Why weren’t town trucks properly cared for for many years? Why is Dover always broke and borrowing? Why don’t we have the reserve funds we need for emergencies? 

It is because we have a long standing chairman who would rather spend money on lawsuits, legal fees and unnecessary engineering fees. It is like extortion. It’s a crime that Dover taxpayers have spent more than a million dollars on engineering and town attorney fees over a lawsuit that lasted more than a decade -- a lawsuit over new roads that the developer should have paid to fix when the roads first failed. 

Can you imagine how Dover residence could have benefited from a million dollars instead of a law firm getting all of our money? We could be fixing roads with the money our chairman has wasted and cost us in liabilities. I have several examples of where leaders of this town have acted on special interest (like a supervisor getting a road put through a wetland for a subdivision he was developing and now that road is failing ) . 

I will not behave feloniously and serve to benefit myself. I will work FOR THE PEOPLE. I will be a hands-on chairman who will be seen working for the community and for the people. If I see a problem, I will work to fix it, not hire an engineering firm and send you the bill. I will make choices that won’t get the town embroiled in lawsuits. And as a life-long mechanic, I know how to properly maintain the town’s equipment. Dover has a lot of money in equipment and I will work to fix it for you. 

After 18 years of the same leadership, IT IS TIME FOR A CHANGE. It is time for a new chairman who works FOR THE PEOPLE, not for the lawyers, the engineering firms, and for special interests.

I am not running for the paycheck; in fact, if elected, I will donate to a worthy cause in Dover each month such as the fire department, rescue squad, Kansasville School, Kan-Do 4-H Club, St. Mary Dover, The Dover Healing House, Eagle Lake, etc. I’m simply running because I’m sick of the wrongdoing against the people of Dover.

I’m running to make sure our money stays where it should: for the people, for this the beautiful community we like living in. Please vote for a change on April 4. Dover is for us, the people, not the lawyers and special interests. 


Mario Lena